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Michelle Tom Jewelry is a small business based in New York City, and we depend on our trusted partnerships such as SmallBusinessBank.com to support us as we grow and expand into new markets. We appreciate that they understand the challenges that Small Businesses face, and accommodate us with accessible requirements and excellent service."

Michelle Tom, Michelle Tom Jewelry

I have to say that opening an account with SmallBusinessBank.com was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. The staff are kind, patient and great communicators. I’m really glad I opened my account with SmallBusinessBank.com. The best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you, SmallBusinessBank.com!".

Palma Rasmussen, P & K Graphics Owner

There was a verification process but no different than any loan process. It was very easy. Got approved! Awesome service so far, unless this is some giant joke. I don’t see how the awesome experience won’t continue. Very excited about doing business with these people."

Landon Miles, Landon Miles Enterprises

I really appreciate SmallBusinessBank.com and how helpful everyone has been so far."

Tech Keeping, LLC

I’m looking forward to a long and mutually prosperous relationship between Kaiia Systems and SmallBusinessBank.com. I think that your business model will make SmallBusinessBank.com one of the most sought after banks for businesses in America."

Wayne Perry, Kaiia Systems

I have loved the help and personal touch at SmallBusinessBank.com. Customer Service is outstanding. I always talk to a person!"

Bethany Durden, North Georgia Dental Temps

I’m so glad I found this bank. Everyone has just been wonderful!"

Pamela Davis, Webside Manner

SmallBusinessBank.com has provided prompt and reliable help with all of my Small Business banking questions, as well as getting a credit card transaction system in place. They have been excessively patient in handling my remedial questions.

Heather Englehart, E-Hart Life Coaching Services