Notice: Small Business Bank will be closed on Monday, October 14th, 2019 in observance of Columbus Day.

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Your Hometown Bank. Wherever You Live.

SMALL BUSINESS BANK offers every micro and small business personal attention, free mobile banking and convenient card products, regardless of where in the US your business is located, registered, or doing business.

Personal service for every business customer, no matter how small. Secure and convenient mobile business banking, at a great value. Open and simple application processes for new accounts and basic services. These are the things you expect, and which we expect ourselves to provide all our customers. Because we, like you, are a small business…

Our customers are micro and small business owners who need the support and value only a true small business bank can offer. One whose purpose, mission and focus are aimed at making small & micro business banking needs its top priority.

Join the thousands of micros, sole props, and small LLCs and Corps who’ve already switched to SMALL BUSINESS BANK, where all we do is your business.


What We Offer Every Micro and Small Business

FREE BUSINESS CHECKING is tailored to fit your specific business needs,

  • Sole proprietor account (1099, Independent Contractors)
  • MicroBusiness account (business entities with 1 owner)
  • Small Business account (business entities with multiple owners)
  • NO monthly maintenance fees or minimums
  • Secure mobile banking and check deposit
  • MasterCard MICROPAYMENT Card with a new account*
  • Online sign up; NO need to visit a branch to do and complete sign up
  • Free Peace of Mind

PLEASE NOTE: all accounts require a minimum initial deposit of $5 to open. Deposit must be made by debit, credit, or ACH payment from a US bank or card.

*the MicroPayment Card may be used as a “credit-charge” payment card for qualified applicants. Qualifying for the “credit-charge” payment feature is based on the applicant’s personal credit history and score. Applicants who cannot qualify for the “credit-charge” payment card feature may use the MicroPayment Card as a straight checking account debit card wherever MasterCard is accepted. The “credit-charge” payment feature allows the MicroPayment card user to make, initiate, and otherwise advance amounts at 0% interest for purchase, transfer and payment from a credit limit account instead of the applicant’s checking account. Balances accumulated through the “credit-charge” payment feature are due in full upon receipt of the statement from the period during which the charges were posted.

Small Business Bank Free Checking
Customer Payment Options - Wallet with money, checks and credit card

High Yield Savings & Money Market Savings

Savings made simple

HIGH YIELD SAVINGS and MONEY MARKET SAVINGS are two options to make saving and investment simple, for every business or investment need, no matter how small. HIGH YIELD SAVINGS and MONEY MARKET SAVINGS accounts let you securely,

  • Store up working capital
  • Maintain a second account to manage cash flow, or for specific payments, like quarterly taxes.
  • Invest business profits at a highly competitive rate


  • Quick and easy online sign up
  • Successive interest rate tiers
  • FDIC insurance coverage up to $250,000
  • Mobile check deposit
  • NO monthly maintenance fees to eat away at your yield (with a minimum balance of $1,000)


Full featured cards that help you manage your financial life

SMALL BUSINESS BANK MicroPayment Cards allow you to make secure and convenient payment transactions wherever MasterCard is accepted. Depending on your business spending needs and characteristics, a MicroPayment Card from Small Business Bank is a perfect way to manage ongoing disbursements and cash flow,

  • Debit Card MASTERCARD-the convenience of MasterCard business debit
  • Charge Card MASTERCARD-for qualified credit customers, a NO interest charge card alternative to a traditional debit card, allowing you to spend our money first, because you and your business have worked hard to get and keep good credit
Debit Cards - Wallet with Credit Card
Business Charge Card Clipart