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Customer Payment Options


An estimated 69% of customers won’t shop at businesses that accept only cash or checks. If that wasn’t alarming enough, businesses can lose up to 80% in impulse purchases when they won’t accept debit or credit cards. That’s particularly devastating for Micro Business owners who can’t afford to miss out on potential transactions from every customer that comes their way. But no more. offers a variety of convenient customer payment options, all of which give your business the ability to securely complete credit/debit card transactions and one-time electronic payment options—without missing out on additional revenue opportunities.

Credit Card Swiper for Mobile Devices

With the SBB Credit Card Swiper, you now have the freedom and mobility to turn your mobile device into a secure electronic payment system. For a low rate of only 2.99% per swipe*, you can directly increase your revenue when taking electronic payments from your customers—they’re processed as auto deposits to your SBB account!

EMV (chip) card readers require a one time purchase of $49.00.

*Specialty cards like rewards cards (cash back, mileage rewards, etc.) and corporate cards will be charged 3.99% per swipe. Your account will be charged monthly for each transaction.

One-Time Customer Payments

Your customers can also easily make one-time payments with WebPASS payment service, bringing all the functionality of a traditional point-of-sale system to your customers, wherever they are, with easy, instant access from your mobile device or personal computer.

WebPASS’ mobile payment reporting also allows you to manage even the most minute details of your business with integrated, mobile-based reporting. You can easily manage inventory, track sales, create invoices and tax reports, and much more. You’ll have your finger on the very pulse of your business.

Ready to Sign Up?

Getting set up to accept electronic payments from your customers is easy, secure and free. Get your mobile electronic payment system when you sign up for a Small Business Bank Micro Business Checking Account.

Questions? A small business banker is available to answer your questions and to help you get started.

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