Opening a free business checking account online is now possible with many banks, both large and small. The good news is that even small businesses can open a low-cost business checking account online, in most cases with no opening deposit requirement. In addition, free online business checking accounts are ideal for startups and even established businesses that do not require additional services. Even so, there are amenities available today that were not as convenient in years past.

Whether your business is just getting on its feet or about to close on a big deal, you’ll want to focus on keeping your cash as close as possible. But if the prospect of visiting the bank and making an opening deposit doesn’t excite you, there are now plenty of great options for opening a free online (and no-deposit) bank account. And yes, they do exist!

Benefits for these online accounts include:

  • Convenient hours that a branch does not have
  • Instant access
  • Automate savings to improve budgeting
  • Pay bills seamlessly

Opening a free business checking account online with Small Business Bank means you never have to worry about branch hours.

The Potential Benefits of a Business Checking Account

Online signup means that right from the start, you will only need to log on to start banking—no need to visit a branch to begin enjoying the benefits of banking with Small Business Bank. Banking safely and securely is also one of the ways that your money remains in good hands. Secure transacting at the tip of your fingers means check deposits go through when you need them.

A minimal initial deposit of $5 is head and shoulders above banks that require excessive starting balances. Not only do the convenient hours make banking more accessible, but having a team of professionals who can detail the full benefits means you can focus on growing your business. Your money is safe and working as part of your financial plan. You have peace of mind when you have a business checking account that allows cash flow and expenses to have high visibility and be easily trackable.

Paying bills no longer requires a massive administrative effort to secure postage, lick envelopes, and get checks in the mail off to service providers. Online and mobile bill pay make things more straightforward than ever and save massive amounts of time. Your business checking account does not have to become another arm of your business that requires constant hand-holding and management.

You have protection for your finances with a business checking account and your business. When tax time rolls around, having a single place to look for expenses paid to vendors and see a transaction record is essential. Even when securing credit for your business, a professional image of a well-oiled machine goes a long way. Demonstrating the ability to manage capital well begins with managing savings, expenses, and cash flow. These features are excellent news for small business owners who want to focus on the specialty of their business and less on the hustle and bustle that is tied to banking today.

Ways to Bank without a Brick-And-Mortar Branch

Small Business Bank can answer all of those critical questions about fees and requirements. Getting started means you find the flexibility that works with your needs. Outlining those fees and conditions is only the beginning of a banking relationship without a brick-and-mortar branch.

Determine the minimum deposit requirements or balance requirements and align those with what your financial needs are. Do not be hesitant about introductory offers that are attractive to prospective bank customers like you. Here is where consumers can leave benefits on the table, but you do not have to. Bonus cash on initial deposits, lower fees to new accounts, and favorable interest rates are just a few of the things to consider when opening an account.

Evaluate the services available like a mobile app. Are all of the features available online and on the app you would like to better prepare for your economic future? For example, open a free business checking account online with no deposit and breathe easier once you see that the services available match the outlook for your money. Saving more cash, having a steady flow that matches up well with your expenses, and having a worry-free tax time are things that shelter a business from undue strain.


Learn about the type of accounts offered by Small Business Bank to apply for a free business checking account online with no deposit. Opening a free business checking account is easier than ever with benefits like electronic signatures and instant account verification. It is hard to beat free in today’s economy. Getting a bank account online typically takes just a few minutes and can usually be done in one sitting. So it just makes sense to set up an online business bank account with no minimum opening deposit when you start your new venture.