By now, you are considering opening a business bank account online and joining more than 200 million digital users..There are tremendous reasons to consider an online bank account as an alternative to brick-and-mortar options.

While some brick-and-mortar banks have the tools you want, access is too clumsy and slow. So instead, by going digital you can enjoy the benefits of a 21st-century business bank account. 

Benefits such as the following:

  • A business bank account that moves at your team’s speed
  • Mobile apps to bring banking to your fingertips
  • Enhanced visibility of accounts to keep you on top of your business transactions
  • Bank records are more accessible than ever to access securely
  • Access your account on your schedule 24/7
  • Online business banking simplifies fund transfers

Additionally, you can get the support and business bank account management that you need to help your company grow.

The Right Online Business Bank Account for You

An online business bank account makes it faster than ever to access your records and details. However, going to a branch location in person takes up valuable work hours that you can be spending on your business. Additionally, your schedule must match a brick-and-mortar branch to access those in-person transactions.

Fortunately, you can complete the applications necessary in minutes to get your bank account going. In addition to being incredibly convenient, Small Business Bank makes a paperless option the safe choice for your business. Add in a history of working with micro and small business owners to even corporations and you will see exactly why the Small Business Bank support team has the experience to handle your needs. From checking accounts to business high yield savings, from business high yield savings to debit cards, SBB has decades of experience and can use this experience to help your business grow to the heights you are planning.


Add in the fact that high yield savings or even a checking account with no monthly maintenance fees is invaluable,  digital options at your fingertips mean quick and easy signup, and the peace of mind of having access to your account when you need it and it is not hard to see why Digital Banking is a requirement for a flexible business in this day and age.


Online Business Banks vs. Traditional Route

Online business bank accounts can help keep your records just like a traditional bank. Traditional banks allow access to your funds through ATMs and transfers, and so do online bank accounts today.

Thanks to online banking, lower fees are a huge relief for business owners. Keeping more capital to invest in the growth of your business is a tremendous value. Traditional banks tend to carry higher fees. Online bank accounts tend to favor higher interest rates on savings accounts.

Incidental fees from traditional banks are not quite so commonplace with online business bank accounts. In addition to the favorable circumstances around fees, online banking has a convenience that is hard to match. Save time and money, and even lessen the impact on the environment with paperless options.

The modern world prefers to bank online, and your business might also be ready to move into the future.

Opening a Business Bank Account Online

Keeping your business finances separate from your personal ones is crucial. Fortunately, opening a business bank account online can be a breeze. Having the necessary documents on hand can make the process a snap.

Providing your information along with any other business owners is essential. This identification can be a driver’s license or passport with your personal mailing information. Then you will need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) provided by the IRS. This information is part of your business’ essential details.

Talk with your business banker to ensure you have all the necessary items to open your online business bank account. Opening a business bank account requires proof of identification for you and your business. Examples include your state-issued driver’s license or passport, business license, or partnership agreements.

While the legal documents will vary based on your business structure, these are also necessary. For example, in the case of a sole proprietorship, your social security number serves as an identifier. This identifier varies from an LLC where you will present the EIN we mentioned.

Provide the minimum opening deposit as a finishing touch, and before you know it, you will be enjoying the benefits of a business bank account online.

Choosing the Bank Account

Take a look at what Small Business Bank has to offer. Then determine the type of bank account that works for your business. Next, consider the minimum balances, fees, and any of the features of the account.

Access to ATMs and secure funds transfers are part of the tremendous benefits of an online business bank account with Small Business Bank. So take your business into the next chapter of your success with a streamlined process.

The customer voice matters, which is why Small Business Bank continues to grow with its customers. Part of the Small Business Bank customer experience is the added features of the mobile app, online banking services available at a wide range of hours, and easy to access support.