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Small Business Bank–Betty Wants A High-Value, Low-Cost Account!

Microbusiness owner Betty is a smart woman–and NEVER likes to pay more than is necessary! Besides–her accountant Bob has kept tabs on her bottom-line expenses and continually emphasizes the need not to over spend. She’s always researching the best business opportunities–and when it came to choosing a business bank–she was particularly diligent.

In the early stages of her business–Betty did her best to reign in costs. But as the business grew–and more customer checks poured in–she realized she needed to open a business checking account.

Betty was worried that the rumors she had heard about business banks were true–and that she’d have to spend a small fortune on limits and fees.

Once she discovered Small Business Bank–she rejoiced since she was able to get a microbusiness checking AND savings account for a fraction of what the big banks charge. And–she was able to apply and open it all ONLINE.

Just watch her story in the next thirty seconds!


You too can choose the right checking account for your business with Small Business Bank’s six options here!

Add a personal checking or business savings account as well!

And don’t worry about minimums or limits! You’re doing business, just like Betty–with Small Business Bank! America’s microbusiness bank.

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