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Mobile Deposits

As a Micro or Small Business owner, you do it all. You’re always on the go. Your banking, and how you handle your money, should be done on your time, not on your bank’s.

Our mobile deposit tools make depositing your money easy and simple, especially when you’ve got bigger things to worry about – like satisfying your customers and reaching your business goals. As a Small Business Bank customer, you can get your money in the bank faster, without the worry of monthly or transaction-based fees.

There are a number of ways you can take advantage of our mobile deposit services.

Mobile Check Deposits

With the Small Business Bank™ app, depositing your checks has never been easier. Simply take a picture of your check and voilá! Your money is in the bank. The app is free to download and use, and is compatible with iOs and Android devices.

Terms and Conditions

Please be advised that we can and do, at our discretion, place a 3-7 business day hold on all checks deposited either remotely or by mail. Once a hold is placed on a check, we will not remove it early.

1.We will accept ONLY two party business checks for remote or mobile deposit. These are checks from one party (drawer, payor) to another, different party (payee). These are subject to normal holds policies/uncollected funds procedures, now in place. this excludes any checks issued by a bill pay or settlement, and not drawn direct off a drawer account. Two party checks where the drawer or payor is one in the same entity as the payee (someone making a check to oneself, or one’s business one controls) will be subject to longer holds at the discretion of the bank.

2. Billpay checks may be mailed in for deposit but are subject to verification procedures like cashier’s checks. and may be rejected for no verification.

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