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Small Business Bank–Betty Needs A Small Business Checking Account!

Let’s be honest. Betty’s small business has a problem.

Her increasingly successful business is gathering more checks than she knows what to do with. Her nearest business bank is 25 miles away and charges heaven-knows what fees for their services. What’s more, there are the “limits” she has to fear!

What’s a microbusiness owner like Betty to do?

Watch the following video to find out, then visit Small Business Bank to learn how easy it is to open a new small business checking and savings account!


Of course there are many reasons to open a microbusiness or small business account from Small Business Bank. No minimums, no limits and costs of $2.99 per month for a microbusiness account and $6.99 per month  for professional, non-profits and $9.99 per month for asset/investment management accounts.

In addition, Small Business Bank has add-on personal checking and high-yield business savings accounts.

Our customers love the ease of applying and having their account OPENED all online! Deposits can be made with our Small Business Bank phone app as well as check scanners for businesses requiring large quantities of check deposits.

Debit cards may be ordered for an additional $.99 per month.

We also have several options for taking customers electronic payments that you may see here.

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