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America’s New Entrepreneur–Oh Pisi!

At Small Business Bank, we serve microbusiness customers in the wide range of their business’ life-cycles, from pre-start up, to mature business company. We are a member of the Federal Reserve System as well as the FDIC. We value your banking security. Regardless of what stage of success you have taken your microbusiness to, you can count on us to share your story. This weeks story, in their own words, is Oh Pisi!


There is something unmistakably magical about children. The innocent way they observe the world; the unadulterated joy they show for the smallest things; and how they develop over time, viewing the world as positively as possible.

Before I had children of my own, I founded a company (SF Tots) that teaches sports to young children. It was a lot of fun and grew significantly until over 1,000 children per week were enjoying our programs. Unfortunately, as a business, it was not able to replace my full-time income, so I ran the company on the side with dedicated full-time staff and part-time coaches.


Once my children were born, I spent less and less time with the kids before eventually bringing in a partner who took over. To do this day, I still miss coaching the little ones, that hour we would spend each week was energizing and fun for both them AND me. And seeing them develop over time, even just for a couple of years was really amazing.


Having worked with startup companies since the dot-com boom (and bust!), I’m very familiar with the excitement of starting with just an idea, building a team, growing a customer base, and sometimes selling your company or on the disappointing side, shutting down a company. I decided it was time to launch my own company, but how did end up with the idea for Oh Pisi?


My wife and I live thousands of miles from our families. When our nieces, nephews, and godson were all young, a Skype or Facetime birthday call worked great. As they got older and their interests developed, I knew that they would love to receive a present and more so, I really wanted to give them something great. I’m sure everyone reading this knows the hours, frustration, and wasted time that goes into trying to identify the PERFECT gift. It can feel impossible at times, and like you just want to give up. And quite frankly, I was horrible at finding the time to properly shop in time to ship a gift across the country.

Solving that problem led to me founding Oh Pisi.

I want everyone, no matter how busy they are or unfamiliar with children’s presents, to be proud of the gifts they give to the most special kids in their lives. Sometimes, when separated by distance, gifts are the only concrete thing we have to show our cherished little ones how much they mean to us. Pisi, our gift genie, will do all the hard work – making it easy for you to ensure that when a child unwraps your gift that they love it!

That is the ultimate reason I founded this platform, and I can’t wait to spread the joy with families everywhere.


We make it easy for people to give amazing gifts. As an ASTRA Certified Play Expert (bet you didn’t know that existed!), I use my experience and travel around the country to find great gifts that people won’t find in big box stores.

People answer a few questions about a child, and then we take care of everything else: selecting an appropriate gift, wrapping it, including a handwritten note and delivering it on their behalf with a satisfaction guarantee.

People can subscribe to send a gift every year for birthdays and we will automatically update the age and send an appropriate gift. Our gift genie, Pisi, is ready to help busy people delight the children they love with the perfect gift. We guarantee it

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Small Business Bank is proud to be helping microbusiness customers like Oh Pisi! build their business dreams with simple, value-based banking solutions.


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