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Small Business Bank FAQs

Getting started doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have questions, we have answers! Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions and their answers. Don’t see an answer you’re looking for? Our friendly Customer Service Team is standing by to help you with any additional questions you may have!

What is the Bank's routing number?


What is the Bank's mailing address?

Small Business Bank
13423 W. 92nd St.
Lenexa, KS 66215

How long does it take for me to get my account opened and functioning?

Once you have fully completed all portions of the application and send us a copy of your driver’s license and EIN letter your account is usually open and active within one business day.

In some cases we may ask for additional documents. This process may delay the account opening by a day.

Please note we will call you to ask a few questions about your business and take your first deposit. If we cannot get in touch with you the account opening will be delayed until your reach out to us.

When do I get checks and my debit card?

You can request a debit card by calling or sending us a message through online banking. We will not order them automatically. Once requested cards will usually arrive within 14 business days. If you would like checks we advise that you go through an outside source. Our check printer charges roughly $40 for a box of personal sized checks. Contact us if you need more information on ordering checks.

Is a sole proprietor eligible for an account?

Yes. Small Business Bank™ has an account for the smallest of business. We no longer require EIN numbers for sole proprietor accounts.  If your business has an EIN, you can still apply.

Is my business eligible for a Micro Business Checking Account?

We regret we cannot open accounts for all businesses or business types.  Small Business Bank™ is unauthorized at this time to open accounts online for the following organizations or business activities:

1. Sales of weapons through an online transaction-enable site

2. Politics or advocacy, or fund raising for either

3. Retirement entities or asset entities that hold them (businesses that are owned by an IRA or investment account)

4. Entities or organizations engaged in holding of other entities or organizations

5. Entities set up for the sole purpose of transferring funds to other parties

6. Entities that are partially or wholly owned by another business or organization.

7. Any business that works with bitcoin

8. Any business that is involved with marijuana or CBD

9. Non-profit entities

Can I open an account for a Manager/Member managed or Manager managed LLC?

Manager/Member managed LLC’s with 4 members or less are eligible for business accounts with Small Business Bank.  However, we require all members to be signers on the account.

Manager managed LLC’s where the Manager is not a member are not eligible for business accounts with Small Business Bank.

Are there any monthly fees or minimums for a checking account?

None of our checking accounts have minimum balances or transaction fees.

Our savings accounts have a minimum balance of $100. If your balance falls below $100 at any time during a month a $10 fee will be charged to the account.

How am I able to deposit checks or cash into the account?

To complete a mobile deposit, you can take pictures of checks with your smartphone using the Small Business Bank appCheck can also be mailed to:

Small Business Bank
13423 W. 92nd St.
Lenexa, KS 66215

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept cash deposits at our Lenexa, Kansas location.

Direct deposits, wire transfers, ACH transfers, online credit card payments and credit card/merchant processing networks are all accepted for normal credits, subject to our policy for funds availability.

Having issues with mobile deposit?

If you are having trouble with mobile deposit please review the tips below.

1.) High-quality photos of the check are the best way to make Mobile Deposit quick and easy.
2.) Make sure to have good lighting and a dark background.
3.) Make sure the check is on a flat, level surface.
4.) Make sure there is a thick contrasting border around the check. We recommend the border be at least half the size of the check. If its too close we cannot process the deposit.
5.) Certain phones do not show an accurate representation of the final image we receive. When in doubt, a larger border (holding the phone further from the check) is usually better.
6.) Remember to sign the back of the check.
7.) Funds deposited from your phone/device will not be immediately available, and are subject to holds.

How can I move money from a personal checking account into this new account?

We are unable to pull money from another account. Most banks have some way to send money to accounts NOT at their bank. Contact your personal bank to find out what options you have.

We are currently working on a solution to offer you an online banking option to make transfers from any bank accounts you own into your Small Business Bank™ business account.

How can I have money wired into my account? Can I send wires?

For a $15 fee, you can also have money wired from a U.S. Bank into your Small Business Bank account on any business day for same day credit. We can accept incoming international wires for a fee of $60. International wires may be subject to holds and are accepted on a case to case basis.

We now offer outgoing domestic wires through online banking for $30 per wire. Please contact our Customer Service team to learn more about outgoing wire transfers .

Can I set up payments to my vendors with this account?

Yes, once your account is active, you can sign up for Online Bill Pay. From there you can pay bills and send money to anyone with a U.S. bank account with no fees.

You can initiate outgoing domestic wire transfers from your online banking.

Are there any potential fees associated with my Small Business Bank account?

Below are the possible fees associated with your account.

Money Orders  FREE  (Only available for Account Holders)
Cashier’s Check Fee  FREE  (Only available for Account Holders)
Dormant Account Fee  $2.00 Per Month
Return on Deposited Item  $2.00
Wire Fee, Domestic Incoming  $15.00
Stop Payment Fee  $25.00
Insufficient Funds/Overdraft Fee  $25.00 Per Item
Mailed Statements  $10.00 Per Month

How do I change my address?

Simply login to your Online Banking account and submit your change of address.  The form can be found under the “user settings” tab. Processing a change of address may take up to three business days.

How do I request a cashier's check?

You can request a cashier’s check by completing a Cashier’s Check Request Form. The form can be found in Online Banking going to Helpful Links. Once completed send the form to us using the message feature of Online Banking.

How do I close my account?

Please contact our Customer Service team at (855)856-0233 or via the Online Banking secure messaging system. The account will not be closed until the balance in the account is brought to$0. A customer service representative can will guide you through the process.

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