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About Small Business Bank

Small Business Bank (formerly Gardner Bank) is a member of the Federal Reserve System, chartered in the State of Kansas and headquartered in the Kansas City metro. Small Business Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and member FDIC (Certificate #25744). Small Business Bank is a well-capitalized bank that has been serving the Kansas City metro since 1984.

About Micro Business Bank

Micro Business Bank TM is a marketing division of Small Business Bank, with a focus on providing free and low cost banking products and services to the owners of firms and business entities characterized by owners doing the business, often without non-owner employees.  This sector of the Small Business market is unique, diverse, and is the lifeblood of organic economic growth.   Small Business Bank’s products are designed to give sole proprietors, sole-member LLCs, and sole-stockholder professional corporations the same value proposition larger small business owners and organizations get by banking with Small Business Bank.

About Our Goal

Our goal is to provide Micro and Small Business owners with cutting-edge financial services and supportive banking technology. As a small business ourselves, we’re here to help Micro and Small Business owners navigate the challenging path to financial and entrepreneurial success. You’re free to set the course to your destination, of course. Our technology and experience will simply guarantee some wind in your sails.

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