About SBB

At SBB, we believe that new destinations require a new course. Old banking methods don’t apply to new business needs. That’s why we’re here to help small business and self-employed customers navigate the shortest route through financial processes, so that they can easily access the banking solutions they need to be successful.

At SBB, our management team has a significant amount of history and experience with small business banking customers. This experience has provided us with the capability to create a banking system that is a resource for small business customers specifically.

SBB specializes in accessibility and ease-of-use. We offer a number of technology-based banking services that meet the growing needs of the small business and entrepreneurial customers we serve. In addition, SBB won’t charge you to put money into your account. We understand that you want to make deposits when it’s convenient for you.

Our goal is to provide our small business customers with leading-edge financial services and supportive banking technology. With SBB, you’re free to set the course to your destination. Our technology and experience will guarantee some wind in your sails.

 SBB & GB Logo

SmallBusinessBank.com is the website of Gardner Bank, a member of the Federal Reserve System, chartered in the State of Kansas and headquartered in the Kansas City metro.

Gardner Bank DBA SmallBusinessBank.com is the bank for small business because we ARE a small business and are serving business customers with business checking and banking services. You can get more information about Gardner Bank by visiting GardnerBank.com or calling us at 1(855)856-0233 or 1(888)775-6956.

Gardner Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and member FDIC (FDIC certificate #25744). Gardner Bank is a “well-capitalized” bank that has been serving the Kansas City metro since 1984.